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Moroso Fjord High Bar Stool


The Fjord Collection combines contemporary design with comfort, the vision of designer Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.

With a supporting and comfortable form, the bar stool fits to the contours of the body and envelops the user into its shape. The essential and light frame takes shape thanks to the use of new materials and new production technologies. Urquiola's attention to detail is evident with stylish touches of the visible stitching within the leather upholstery.

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Moroso Fjord Armchair


From a piece of seashell, which has been broken and smoothed by the waves, Patricia Urquiola has designed a collection of seats for both the home and public spaces. As the name suggests, there is a strong Scandinavian influence with references to Arne Jacobsen and the inlets of northern coastlines represented in the long cut-away. Like a natural cycle where the shell is reborn through the effects of time and water, the chair becomes armchair and then stool. I

ts broken form and abstract concept together become an object of design: smooth lines that support and envelop are picked out in decorative stitching in harmony with the essence of the chair’s structure.

Injected flame-retardant foam over internal steel frame covered in fabric.

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