Furniture Remodelling




Do you have legacy furniture which no longer fits the foot print of your office or your current working style? We offer clients the ability to remodel existing furniture for use within their estate.

Furniture re-modelling and refurbishment helps minimise waste and extends the lifecycle of office furniture. At our dedicated workshop we have invested in the tools and technology to ensure we are able to deliver high quality refurbished and resized desks.


Benefits of Desk Remodeling


  • Cost Efficiency – remodelled desks cost a fraction of a new purchase
  • Reduced Waste – by reusing your desk you are reducing the waste you produce
  • Carbon Savings – on average every 10 office desk remodelled saves a tonne of C02(e)
  • Bespoke Solution – remodelled desks are built to your exact specifications
  • Assurance – All remodelled furniture comes with a warranty


We simply audit your existing workstations and provide a proposal on the options for remodelling. We can then produce a sample remodelled desk for your acceptance before completing a full order. All items undergo a rigorous test and assessment process prior to delivery.

All available finishes for desks, meetings tables and storage units can be found here